Policies - Advanced Otolaryngology & Audiology
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Billing Policies

Dr. Loury is a provider for many insurance companies as well as Medicare. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, the first and most important step is to call your representative who understands your insurance coverage. Insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. We will bill all insurances for you with the specific agreement that if they won’t pay, it becomes your responsibility. We allow sixty days, and if not paid by your insurance, the bill becomes the responsibility of you or your guardian. We bill Medicare electronically for you. In most cases, if you have secondary coverage, Medicare will forward the balance on through the electronic system. If they do not, we will do it for you.


When Dr. Loury prescribes medication at your visit, our staff can either call or fax it to your pharmacy, or you may fill it at your leisure. When refills are needed, your pharmacy will call us, but if refills remain, please call us. Since chronic medications may have side effects, we may ask you to schedule an office visit prior to granting additional refills.

Should there be any questions about new drugs or medications you are already taking, please phone us, especially if you think you are developing an allergic reaction. If new symptoms or illnesses develop, Dr. Loury will be consulted, and we will return your call with a recommendation or to obtain additional details. Safe, effective, cost-efficient, and appropriate use of pharmaceuticals is very important.

Fees & Insurance

Fees for initial office visits are difficult to quote in advance because it is hard to estimate the complexity of your problem over the phone and without a full physical and history. We charge for the time required to obtain a history of your illness, perform an examination, and complete a treatment plan. Follow-up exams are generally less unless a new problem arises that necessitates a comprehensive evaluation. We try to keep costs down by phoning you with test and consultation results rather than arranging a separate visit.

Surgery fees are initially sent to the insurance company. Once they have paid their share, you will receive a statement from us for your part. If your illness is a result of an accident or injury, we submit the claim to the insurer it is important to have the claim number and accident information when you come to the office. Should finances be an issue, we are more than happy to arrange a payment plan. Our desire is not to create financial hardship for you.

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